Good Recipes Made Better By Goji Berries

Good Recipes Made Better By Goji Berries


  • Smoothies and Shakes


Blend a serving of dried goji berries to a fine powder and mix into your preferred protein shake or green smoothie. Protein shakes will be given an additional shot of amino acids and antioxidants to help athletes recover after labor intensive workouts and rebuild damaged muscle fibers. Green smoothies (usually incorporating earthy green leaves like baby spinach or kale) will have a dramatic increase in sweetness and flavor without an unhealthy and unnatural sugar.

  1. Breakfast Bars

Toss a handful of dried goji berries into your blender and pulse a few times to cut and dice. Pick your favorite granola or multigrain cereal and add honey to act as glue. Shape into bars with either a ruler or in a tall pan. Once firm, freeze for 2 hours. Remove from the freezer and pour your preferred greek yogurt over the bars and freeze again. Pack these granola bars with your kids lunches, and even your own!

  1. Tea

Choose an herbal or citrus tea of your preference. Once you’ve already heated your water, submerge the bag with a few dried goji berries and let them rest for around ten minutes, remove bag at your leisure. The berries will become visually larger and add a sweeter tone to your tea. When added to hot water, goji berries provide cognitive benefits like enhanced focus.

  1. Sauce

One of the more traditional uses for goji berries, adding ground or softened (in hot water) berries to sauce. Combined with other asian ingredients like ginger and cumin, goji based sauces tend to be sweeter and spicy. Like adding to tea, goji berries begin in a hot bath to create a broth for sauces and substitute this liquid for water or other stocks.

  1. Trail Mix

Perhaps the simplest uses for goji berries, toss one serving per \ three servings of trail mix. Goji berries are low in sugars and fats, but high in carbohydrates. It’s important to mix these with legumes, nuts, and other fruits if you’re looking to have a snack with a lot of flavors. A serving of trail mix with added goji berries will better kidney and liver health while also helping your mind stay focused.

  1. Superfoods Super Meal

With a half serving of chopped goji berries use quinoa, granola, blueberries, and greek yogurt to create a snack (or meal) that packs a punch. Low in carbs, proper fats, real sugars and lots of antioxidants. Blueberries and goji berries have the highest amount of antioxidants of any fruit which can dramatically improve brain function when consumed regularly. Prepare this concoction a few mornings per month and try replacing your morning coffee.

  1. Cheesecake or Tart

Not exactly the pinnacle of healthy, cheesecakes and tarts are flavorful desserts that demand proper measurements and bold ingredients. In a cheesecake, create a powder from two servings of dried goji berries (based on an average sized cheesecake) and fold into your cheesecake batter. The light batter will distribute the sweet flavor well and complement the traditional rich cheesecake flavor.

Tarts are essentially pie crust with jelly on top. Construct your preferred crust into a pie pan, and instead of preparing your preserve with water and lots of sugar, try incorporating a “broth” of dried goji berries using the method listed above for tea. Once you’ve tasted the sweetness level of the broth from a single serving you can adjust based on how sweet you prefer your tart.


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