Goji Berries: How to Incorporate Superfoods Into Recipes

Goji Berries: How to Incorporate Superfoods Into Recipes

Just because a food is deemed “Super” does not mean it is difficult to integrate with your favorite recipes. On the contrary, superfoods are often incorporated easily into recipes while adding an extended list of benefits to both your food and health. Goji berries are atop the list of foods that not only taste fantastic, but have versatility and ease when adding to recipes. Most commonly found dried, like a raisin, goji berries can be snacked on, by themselves, or manipulated to provide a flavor close to a cranberry with benefits much greater.

Superfoods are promptly named for their benefits and versatility. For example, one ounce of dried goji berries contains 100 calories, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 22 grams of carbs (contributing 2 grams of dietary fiber and 13 grams of sugar) and 3 grams of protein. Compare these numbers to pomegranates, apples, or oranges to see just how packed these berries are. Here are a few ways in which you can incorporate goji berries.

Keeping Kids Healthy

Try making smoothies with either finely ground goji berries (forming a powder) or whole ones. Paired with sweeter fruits like peach or apples, and heart healthy greens (spinach or kale) goji berries will create a tasty balance with exponentially more benefits. A perfect way to provide healthy snacks to kids is with a flavorful smoothie which is low in sugar, but still sweet. Parents can rest assured knowing they are introducing heart and mind healthy foods to their children without grossing them out with bitter, earthy flavors. Find one of the more popular recipes and all benefits here!

On the Trail or In the Gym

If you are looking to use whole goji berries, use them as a quick addition to your favorite trail mixes or make granola and yogurt bars from scratch. Goji berries will offer a smoky yet sweet flavor to your snacks to chemically enhance brain function and improve vitality. Athletes, pack your special mixed bars for a pre-race snack or post workout boost. Amino acids are well known for their benefits to athletes. Packed into pre-workout powders and supplements amino acids offer sugars and recovery benefits to rapidly repair muscle fiber and stamina. Meal preparation and workout plans will benefit from this small, but mighty ingredient.

Back to Its Roots

Originally found in north-western China, goji berries were documented to be beneficial to Himalayan monks, providing better concentration and energy during meditation. Goji was traditionally infused into soups and teas with hot water bases to extract its powerful flavor, and powerful effects. Goji tea has been known to enhance concentration and relieve physical symptoms like fever, sore eyes and headaches. Drop a handful of dried goji berries into an herb tea of your choice and let rest for a few minutes. Each berry will increase in size and release their unique flavor. Enjoy your tea and a few plump goji berries.


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