Goji Berries are the Original Superfood

Goji Berries Are the Original Superfood

Superfoods are foods with incredible range of taste, use, and health benefits. Many superfoods that have been buzzing on social, and televised, media include; kale, quinoa (keen-wah), greek yogurt, and blueberries. These among many others have created an awful lot of traffic online when featured in recipes, informational videos and so on. As years pass superfoods rise and fall out of stardom as things in media usually do. There is one superfood, however, that has been identified and used as a superfood for more than 20 years, goji berries.

A Brief History

Goji berries have existed, and been consumed, for millennia. With origins to Ningxia Hui, a north-western region just south of mongolia, the berries were found to have multiple uses when consumed daily. Himalayan monks were believed to consume goji berries to aid meditation. Today, the goji berry is commonly added to soups and family meals with purpose of treating eye, liver, and kidney ailments.

Dried goji berries can be snacked on as they come in the packaging like a chip. Try adding these to teas and soups to enlighten flavors and receive the mental and physical benefits.

Who Can Benefit From Them?

Aside from providing vitamins and minerals to assist with kidney and liver functions, goji berries have been tested for their long term effects toward improving brain function and cell structure. With vitamin A and C, iron, zinc, antioxidants and amino acids goji berries have been studied for their effects on preventing Alzheimer’s disease and rebuilding brain and muscle cells. Goji are most commonly known for their likeliness to a cranberry in color and taste, but when dried create a smoky sweet sensation.

If you are an individual who suffers from migraines, or has a family history of Alzheimer’s. Goji berries have shown significant results in providing antioxidants (like many superfoods) which can improve cognitive function and slow the daily decay of DNA and brain cells known as radical damage. Start by consuming a few servings (3-7) of goji berries each week and begin working toward a healthier brain and body.

On the other hand, athletes who are health conscious and want to see results from their daily workouts and diet plans will benefit from the goji berry’s muscle growth abilities. Amino acids are a big name in the “pre-workout” powder and supplement market. Known for providing energy for additional strength and endurance, while also assisting with the healing of tissue, which in time, creates larger muscles. Athletes can benefit greatly with protein packed goji berry smoothies, or a serving of goji berries worked into their meal preparation. A quarter cup or 1 ounce serving provides a good source of protein with low sugars and carbohydrates.

The effects of superfoods are continuously being researched and raved about all over the world. Every few years foods like eggs and avocados are raved about and then shunned for the various facts regarding carbohydrates and fats. The goji berry has been in circulation for decades and has seen its rise and fall from popularity in that time.


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